🍪Cookiedrop Competition

Cookiedrop Competition

We are excited to announce the Cookiedrop Competition, an epic competition that will take our $COOK Airdrop to a whole new level! With a mix of Community Teams and Individual Competitors, this competition will reward those that trusted us in the beginning and the most active and engaged members of our community.

Here’s everything you need to know to participate!

Airdrop Details

When we announced our Tokenomics, we allocated 5% of the total $COOK tokens to the Cookdrop. If you booked your seat that part is secured and nobody will take it from you.

Today, we're excited to reveal that the previously redacted 7% is now revealed, bringing the total to 12% of the tokens designated for the Airdrop. The distribution will be as follows:

- 5%: Cookdrop

- 7%: Cookiedrop Competition

How the Competition Works

Points: Discover The Cookies!

Every $OSMO spent will get you some cookies and you will accumulate cookies based on trading activity on start.cooking. More trading activity means more cookies earned. It’s important to note that activity since the official launch of start.cooking will be considered valid for scoring, in order to reward early users.

Individual Competition

There will be Individual points that will get you eligible for a part of the Cookiedrop. You will be able to monitor your progress and watch it grow while you accumulate cookies through trading.

With every swap (buy and sell) made on start.cooking you will earn cookies. These cookies contribute both to the participant's associated Community Teams (if they are part of one or more) and to the individual's count.

Team Competition: Community Teams

Participants will be divided into Community Teams based on the criteria they meet; these teams have been already created and will be:

  1. Terra Communities (this community includes those that entered the CookDrop as a staker from: Galactic Punks, Skeletron Punks, Galactic Mining and Roar)

  2. Osmo Stakers (this community includes those that entered the Cookdrop as $OSMO staker)

  3. Atom Stakers (this community includes those that entered the Cookdrop as $ATOM staker)

  4. Stride (this community includes those that entered the Cookdrop as stAtom and stOsmo holders on stride and agoric)

  5. Mad Scientists (this community includes all the Mad Scientist holders with a snapshot taken on the 20th of April, 2024)

  6. Bakers (if you didn’t book a seat for the Cookdrop or you were not a Mad Scientist holder you will be assigned to this community)

This dual reward system ensures that both active communities and individuals are recognized, with different parts of the drop allocated to each competition.

If you reserved multiple seats, you’ll receive spots in multiple groups, allowing you to participate in each. Your points will be distributed across all the teams you belong to. This means that active traders will have significant involvement in both the Communities and Individuals competitions, receiving a larger allocation of $COOK.

Live Leaderboards

During the competition, we will have two Live Leaderboards on our website:

  • One for the six Community Teams

  • One for the Individuals

You can monitor your progress and your team’s performance in real-time, or even keep an eye on the competition. The Leaderboards will show who is leading the competitions and who needs to improve to climb the rankings. On the individual Leaderboard, you'll also be able to see which community each trader belongs to.

Cookiedrop Distribution

At the end of the competition, the Cookiedrop will be distributed according to the points accumulated. The exact split of the 7% allocation between the Community Teams and Individual participants has not been disclosed yet. However, the distribution will be as follows:

  • Team Points: Part of the 7% Cookiedrop allocation will be distributed proportionally among the members of the Community Teams, with stronger teams receiving more and weaker teams receiving less. Note that everyone will get a share.

  • Individual Points: Another part of the 7% Cookiedrop allocation will be distributed individually based on the final Leaderboard rankings.

How to Participate

1. Go to start.cooking

2. Start Swapping: The more transactions you make, the more cookies you accumulate.

3. Follow the Live Leaderboards on our website to see your and your team’s progress.

4. Get your slice of $COOK!


The CookieDrop Competition Leaderboard is live on the website. Make sure to participate.

Remember that even if the leaderboards were not live, start.cooking was monitoring your activity and all the trades that you already did are accounted for in the Leaderboards!

Join Us! The Cookiedrop Competition is a unique opportunity to showcase your trading skills and commitment to the start.cooking community. Get ready to participate to get your slice of $COOK!

Follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram for continuous updates:

- Telegram: t.me/startcooking

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/start_cooking

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules, format, or other aspects of the competition as needed. These changes are intended to ensure that all participants receive their fair share and that the competition runs smoothly and fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate in the CookieDrop Competition?

All community members can participate in the Cookiedrop Competition. Those who had previously pre-registered will be part of all the Community Teams with which they registered with. The Mad Scientist will get a group on their own, and all Mad Scientist holder will get a spot, snapshot has been taken on the 20th of April, 2024. Everybody else will be a part of the sixth group “The Bakers”, and as all the others of the individual leaderboard.

Below are the already announced eligibility criteria for the CookDrop as of the snapshot on Apr 12:

2. How are the points calculated?

Team points are calculated based on the individual points accumulated through trading volume. You will earn points for all of your Community Teams (if you are part of more than one) as well as for yourself. Remember that trading activities carried out before the announcement of the competition also count. All activities performed since the beginning of start.cooking on the 2nd of May 2024 count.

3. When will the Airdrop be distributed?

The Airdrops of $COOK will be distributed at the end of the Cookiedrop competition; this is valid for both the Cookdrop and for the Cookiedrop.

Participate in the CookieDrop Competition and earn those cookies to become the best chef in the memecoin world! 🌟🍳🔥

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