$COOK is the governance and utility token of start.cooking. This section details the fixed supply, distribution, allocation, and utility of $COOK tokens.

All fees generated through start.cooking, both before and after the launch of the DAO, are directed entirely to the DAO Treasury.

Total Supply and Distribution

The total supply of $COOK is capped permanently at 100,000,000, divided as follows:

  • Team Allocation: 15% (15,000,000 $COOK)

  • DAO Treasury: 45% (45,000,000 $COOK)

  • Cookdrop: 5% (5,000,000 $COOK)

  • Cookiedrop : 7% (7,000,000 $COOK)

  • Public Raise and Initial Liquidity: 28% (28,000,000 $COOK)

Team Allocation

The team allocation is set at 15%, vested over three years to motivate sustained development and progress of the protocol.

DAO Treasury

Within the DAO Treasury's allocation of 45% of the total $COOK supply, 30% of the overall token supply is reserved for staking rewards, distributed to achieve an annual inflation rate of 5%. Stakers, through governance participation, also have the authority to decide on the allocation of the remaining treasury funds. This includes financing initiatives that incentivize protocol engagement and managing Burning Raffle events designed to burn a portion of the $COOK circulating supply. These deflationary events are implemented to decrease the total circulating supply of $COOK, contributing to deflationary tokenomics and enhancing the token's long-term value.

Cookdrop and Cookiedrop

Both the Cookdrop and Cookiedrop collectively account for 12% of the token supply and are deployed to reward early and active community members. These initiatives are crafted to distribute $COOK tokens among those who engage early with the protocol and contribute to its vibrancy and community-driven activities.

Governance and DAO Ownership

The protocol is governed by the COOK DAO, which allows $COOK token holders to have a direct impact on decision-making processes. The full decentralization of governance ensures that the development and future direction of the protocol reflect the preferences and interests of the community.

Fees Generated by the Protocol

All fees generated from swaps executed within the protocol are directed to the DAO Treasury. This includes fees collected in various tokens, such as $OSMO, depending on the blockchain where the swaps occur. Additionally, all fees accrued prior to the establishment of the DAO are also allocated to the Treasury.

Stakers of $COOK play a significant role in determining the utilization of these accumulated fees. Through governance mechanisms, stakers have the authority to decide on the strategic use of the treasury funds. Options include buying back $COOK tokens to reduce the circulating supply or distributing these fees among stakers to incentivize participation in the protocol. This governance-driven approach ensures that stakers directly influence the financial and operational strategies of the protocol, fostering a community-centric ecosystem.

DAO Funds and Deflationary Mechanisms

A significant function of the DAO's treasury is to manage Burning Raffle events, which are designed to periodically decrease the circulating supply of $COOK. This deflationary tactic is crucial for maintaining the token's economic health and ensuring its appreciation over time. Additionally, the fees accrued by the DAO through the protocol's operations can be utilized to further enhance the token's value and ecosystem stability. These funds may be allocated for the buyback of $COOK, distribution to stakers, or used to forge new partnerships and provide liquidity.

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