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The first thing that you need is a wallet, Download Keplr, Station or Leap and ensure to store your seed phrase

This is your creative space, you have the freedom to express yourself seriously or boldly; however, choose your direction wisely. While the name is entirely up to you, it's recommended that the ticker symbol be a concise abbreviation of it. Similarly, maintain consistency in brevity and clarity when crafting the description and designing the logo to ensure coherence with the chosen name.

When selecting a logo for your token, we highly recommend avoiding stock images or anything sourced from the internet. Instead, strive for originality. An original image distinguishes your token and reflects its unique identity.

By crafting or finding an original image, you ensure authenticity and enhance your token's brand value. Once you have your original logo, consider sharing it on platforms like Twitter to showcase your creativity and engage with your audience and don't forget to tag us on our Twitter profile.

You can then upload the image on our website to use it as the logo of your Token. Remember, originality is key to making a lasting impression in the cryptocurrency space.

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